Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I feel for you, Eddie Cibrian!

I heard on the news last night that Eddie Cibrian (I guess he's an actor; I hadn't heard of him until this story) is suing Life & Style magazine for defamation for claiming in an article that he was cheating on his girlfriend, LeAnn Rimes. Tacked onto the end of the story was the news that Eddie is in the midst of a divorce from his current wife.

So hey, Eddie, I just wanted to say that I feel for you, buddy. Where do people come up with this stuff anyway? The gall, suggesting that you could be cheating on your girlfriend!

Eddie's estranged wife told Us Weekly "she was tired of Cibrian's infidelity."

So I am wondering, is that defamation lawsuit for defamation of character? Really?