Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is This What Jesus Was Thinking?

I would love to know what you think of the video venue church. You can read about it by going to Mary DeMuth's blog:

You can see what yours truly thinks of video churches by going to her comments section.


rab said...

You know our church tried video venue for about 3 years. We just discontinued it beginning this fall semester. We were NOT trying to do the big church, one pastor, multiple locations hype but truly trying to reach people with a different take on a church service, (i.e. same building just a different location within the building, more informal, spontaneous prayer time, more of a social/spiritual interaction, even snacks!) This is what I think we have come to discover - that people DO (whether they know it or not) long for a real live pastor on Sunday's and that relationship is vital to a church that truly has relationships with Jesus and others as a focus. Those churches/pastors who are trying to hype up their popularity are not doing video venue for the RIGHT reasons - if there are actually any right reasons.

Chuck Roberts said...

I worked briefly as a counselor at a church that was doing the sort of video venue your church did, and I completely support that. The idea there was that some people would feel comfortable showing up at church in whatever they were wearing, just more relaxed, and would feel more accepted in that sort of venue. Sort of a safe way to begin with church. But I think you're right: in the end (and the beginning, really) it is about relationships, and it's hard to get from that kind of venue.