Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great K-State running backs

Seeing the article posted on Facebook by my friend Michael Mills (he with the ku degree) about famous Syracuse running backs made me think of all the famous K-State running backs. Hmmmm . . . well, there's about four that I can think of: Veryl Switzer, Larry Brown, Mack Herron, and Darren Sproles. A lot of newbie Wildcat fans--not the long-suffering ones like me who faithfully cheered the football team for 16-17 years before Bill Snyder's arrival--fondly remember Darren Sproles and his time at K-State. I do, too, especially when I see him running the way he did for San Diego Monday night. Many of us respect Darren for doing so much while being so small for a football player, and some fans probably think he's the smallest running back ever to star at K-State. Ah, but they're forgetting Mack Herron, who was slightly smaller. Actually, I can't remember Sproles height and weight when he played at Kansas State, but San Diego lists him as 5-6 and 185. Herron was 5-5 1/2 and 170 pounds. Granted, he didn't have quite as distinuished a career at K-State or in the pros, but he did do some good things in the CFL and NFL.

Memories of past greatness . . . which I'm afraid is all us Wildcat fans will have this fall.


Anonymous said...

Take heart Chuck! They say, "Where there's life, there's hope." Hopefully Snyder can re-rebuild the program...and then hire the right guy to follow him, although I don't miss the days when you guys drubbed us (KU football that is) by 50 and 60 points in the mid-90s.

Chuck Roberts said...

Thanks Michael! I sure hope they can rebuild. I mean, I can only live on the glory of the 2003 Big 12 championship for so long.